Global Village

An engaged community of learners.


Global Village

Creating personalized care and support.


Global Village

Creating long lasting relationships.


Global Village

Offering small seminar class options.


Global Village

Support of upper class academic mentors.


Global Village

Meaningful service projects and leadership involvment.


Global Village

To foster an understanding of global cultures and experiences.


Global Village

Join us for exciting adventures.


We are an engaged community of learners exchanging ideas and growing together in our understanding of ourselves and cultural differences.

Apply to become a member of the Global Village Community for the 2017-2018 academic year! 

Global Village Application

The Global Village Residential Learning Community brings together International and Domestic students in an intentionally integrated living and learning environment. The community aims to foster understanding of global cultures and experiences where students share a passion for exploring the world.

Application for the Global Village Community

Admission to the Global Village community is not based on high school preparation, grade point average, international experience, or academic major. Since students with widely varying levels of preparation and experiences have been successful in the Global Village Community, evidence of a student's commitment to succeeding and thoughtfulness about their involvement are important considerations.

The goals of the Global Village Community are to:

    • Appreciate and understand cultural and ethnic differences.
    • Create a safe and welcoming community regardless of gender expression, cultural identity, ability, economic status, sexual orientation, or religion.
    • Develop a community that is supportive of academic success and achievement and respectful of diversity.
    • Foster understanding of global cultures and world-wide experiences.




Students that are accepted into the Global Village Community will commit to:

    • Striving for academic excellence, intercultural competence, and leadership development.
    • Registering for the required Global Village courses (KEY 192C & SPCM 100) during the Fall 2017 term unless an exempt major.
    • Actively participating in your Mentor Group, including weekly social and academic events such as group dinners, study groups, and regular one-to-one check-in's with your Mentor on academic progress and leadership development plans.
    • Actively participating in Global Village Community including cultural nights and conversations, leadership workshops, campus sponsored retreats, and service events.
    • Attending Global Village Orientation August 16 and 17, 2017 (Move-in early the morning of Wednesday 8/16), January Welcome, and May Closing Celebration events.






The Global Village Community has a competitive application process, and your thoughtful responses will be used to help determine your acceptance into the program Please be prepared to answer the following questions when you log into the application.

  1. Please share the reasons you are interested in participating in the Global Village Community, and how this will enhance your experience at CSU.
  2. What could you add to the Global Village community?
  3.   What else would you like the Global Village selection committee to know about you?



Global Village Application

 Thank you for considering our community. Go Rams!